Hiring Contractors as a Freelancer – How Other Freelancers Can Improve your Business

As a freelance writer, you may see yourself on one side of a very simple equation: You are the contractor, and it’s your job to do work for the client. While this is certainly true, it takes more than just one person to run a successful business venture, even if it’s freelance in nature. Sure, you may be a good writer, but what about web development? Design? Photoshop? Coding? Marketing? Social media? These are all areas of expertise that need to be tapped at some point to build a business that works, and no matter how talented you are, no one can do all of it alone. Continue reading

5 of the Greatest Ever Unfinished Literary Works

It’s amazing to think that some of history’s greatest ever scribes didn’t always finish a novel. What’s more fascinating is when those books were amongst some of those writer’s most acclaimed pieces of work. It’s incredible what you can get away with when you’re a genius. Here’s a look at the greatest books ever written that each of which, for various reasons, were never actually finished. Continue reading

Making the Essay Easier

With new people around them and a new environment, college students are hard pressed to find time to do essay editing during college days. Endless streams of assignments, essays, midterms and final exams make finding extra time to see friends and relax difficult. The Internet has many websites that offer essay writing services, but what students really need is editing services.

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Google Authorship and Author Rank for Writers

The SEO landscape is always in a state of flux, but we may be on the verge of an unusually radical algorithm change from Google with the implementation of Authorship and Author Rank. The focus is beginning to shift to who wrote a piece of content rather than where it’s posted and how optimized the keywords are. This is an important distinction, once the Authorship system is in full swing search results from Google will heavily favor sites with Authorship enabled and content written by experienced authors with authority in their industry. Continue reading

Article Writing Service Open for Business!

I am proud to announce that the official Writers With Hats Article Writing Service is now open for business and taking content orders.

This is a big step for WWH as a business, but it also presents an exciting opportunity for publishers, writers, and anyone else who has a need for top-quality web content from professional American writers. We offer some very unique features with our writing services, including direct-to-WP posting and even guest posting. Continue reading

How to Build a Freelance Writing Portfolio from Scratch

Freelance writing newcomers may find it difficult to find work at first because of their lack of experience, which reflects in their weak or nonexistent portfolio. Luckily, learning how to build a freelance writing portfolio isn’t very hard and doesn’t require an immense amount of time or effort considering the rewards. Continue reading

How to Write a Query Letter For Magazines (and Newspapers)

Learning how to write a query letter is an essential step to take for any writer who wants to make a career out of their work, especially those who want to write for magazines and newspapers. Fiction writers can certainly make use of them as well when looking for agents and publishers or submitting to literary magazines, but this article will focus on pitching articles, news, and features to magazines and newspapers- we will cover fiction queries in a future post. Continue reading

Reloader.me – Free Likes, Follows, and +1s

Social signals are a big part of SEO and establishing authority for a website, but it’s difficult for newbies to reap the benefits of them because the likes and +1’s are coming in at a trickle. A great way to kick start social activity on your site is to get some artificial social signals showing, in other words people are more likely to click Like if they see that you already have a few Likes as opposed to if you had none. Luckily there are many ways to bulk up your initial social numbers, some of which are free.

I recently stumbled across a social media exchange network called Reloader.me. The idea is very similar to Twiends- you can follow, like, and +1 other people’s pages to get credit, and then that credit can be used to get the same things for your own pages from other members (you decide the cost per click, not the provider). You can also just purchase credit and buy social interactions outright, but the appeal of this site is more for beginners who don’t have a big budget for this sort of thing.

The reason this is superior to service providers on places like Fiverr who offer a certain amount of likes/followers for money is that these appear much more natural and often people use their real profiles on Reloader.me instead of robots (it’s recommended that you make separate accounts to dish out likes/+1’s). It’s also a very fast and streamlined process, you don’t need to actually visit people’s pages individually because Reloader.me puts all the buttons on one page so you can just click away, like this:

Overall, Reloader.me is looking to be a promising method for beginners to jump start social activity on their site without spending any money.

Just remember, fake likes and followers won’t do you any good on their own- the idea is to use their perceived value to entice people to organically engage your site socially.


How to Write Newspaper Articles

Learning how to write newspaper articles is one of the most fundamental skills for any writer to have and it lays a foundation for many other formats and allows you to flex your journalistic muscles. Newspaper article writing is unique in that it’s harshly succinct, but learning how to write  in this simple “just the facts, ma’am” style carries over wonderfully into other areas of writing and teaches you to write more clearly without bloating your prose- after all one of the golden rules of writing is getting rid of words that you can do without. Continue reading

Writing Style Guide – Developing Your Literary Voice

Arranging words on a page to convey thoughts and ideas is a very complex process that relies entirely on the way the composer perceives and comprehends their world. Developing a personal writing style is a natural evolution that takes place throughout the entire career of any writer, and it can be profoundly influenced by nearly any aspect of the writer’s life or education. Continue reading